Served Weekends 11am-3pm


Gluten free items notated with GF. Tacotarian offers plant-based cuisine, but we can not guarantee that guests with food and or beverage allergies may not be exposed through cross contamination. If you have a food or beverage allergy we recommend that you not dine with us. As such please understand that Tacotarian can not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by any guest with a food or beverage allergy who consumes our food or beverages regardless of circumstances. 

Main Dishes
Esquites Avocado Toast – Multigrain seeded toast topped with avocado and house made esquites (corn, jalapeño, mayo, butter, lime, tabasco) 8.99

JUST Omelette – JUST egg omelette made with wild mushrooms, onion, corn, poblano and cheddar topped with chili may and avocado. Served with breakfast potatoes and fruit 13.99 GF

Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich – Panko breaded fried gardien chicken breast topped with bacon and banana in a waffle sandwich. Served with breakfast potatoes and fruit 13.99

Chilaquiles – Refried beans and tortilla chips sautéed in red, green, or mole salsa 6.99  GF  add JUST scramble, sausage, carne asada, or chorizo +1.50 

Molletes – Toasted bolillo bread with refried beans, lettuce cheese and pico 6.99

Enfrijoladas – Jackfruit enchiladas soaked in a creamy black bean sauce, crema, queso freso and topped with pickled red onion 8.99 GF

Breakfast Burrito – JUST Egg scramble, sausage, cheese, potatoes, black beans, morita salsa, guac, pico, crema with a side of fruit and potatoes 10.99

Breakfast Taco Platter – 3 tacos with JUST egg, chorizo, potatoes, avocado, pico, crema and cilantro 8.99 GF

Soyrizo Breakfast Bowl – Spanish rice, black beans, potatoes, pico, avocado and tortilla strips 8.99 GF

Pancakes – Stack of 3 pancakes with mama’s blueberry gravy, maple syrup and fruit 8.99

French Toast-  3 thick cut pieces of bolillo bread, maple syrup and strawberries 10.99

Breakfast Potato Taco- Seasoned potatoes, lettuce, pico, chili mayo on a flour tortilla – 2.50

BLTA- bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and pickle on sourdough bread. Served with breakfast potatoes. 9.99

Breakfast Sammy- JUST Egg, breakfast sausage, sliced cheddar and chili mayo on toasted pretzel buns. 10.99


Bacon 2.5
Fancy Pasties 3.99
Doughnuts 2
Potatoes 2

Coffee 2.5
Hot Tea 2.5
Orange Juice 3.95
Horchata Iced Coffee 4.5

Alcoholic Drinks
Mimosa – hibiscus, mango, orange 5
Cantarito – OJ, lime juice, tequila, squirt 7
Michelada – beer, tomato juice, lime juice, vegan Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper 6