Tacotarian offers plant-based cuisine, but we can not guarantee that guests with food and or beverage allergies may not be exposed through cross contamination. If you have a food or beverage allergy we recommend that you not dine with us. As such please understand that Tacotarian can not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by any guest with a food or beverage allergy who consumes our food or beverages regardless of circumstances. 

Carne Asada– seitan, guacamole and pico 2.60

Al Pastor – seitan, achiote, cilantro cream, pineapple, pico, salsa Morita 2.60

Gabacho – seasoned beyond beef, lettuce, cheddar, crema, pico, crispy corn tortilla 3.09

Barbacoa – chili-braised jackfruit, onion, cilantro 2.60 GF

Mushroom Asada – portobello, chili powder, onion, cilantro 2.60 GF

Chorizo – soy chorizo, pico, queso fresco 2.60 GF

Dorado – deep fried, mashed potato, cheddar, lettuce, pico, crema 2.09 

Veggie – mashed potato, mushroom, onion, roasted poblano pepper, corn, garlic, lettuce, cilantro-lime dressing, pico 2.60 GF

Bean & Cheese – refried bean, cheddar, lettuce, cilantro-lime dressing, pico 2.60

Baja – fried beer-battered avocado, cilantro-lime slaw, guac, pico 3.60

Super Taco – gabacho crunchy taco, refried beans, wrapped in flour tortilla 4.09

Plantain Con Mole – plantains, traditional mole sauce, pickled red onion, sesame, crema 2.60  

Taco De Jamaica – hibiscus flower, pineapple, onions, cilantro 2.60 GF

Chicken Milanesa – breaded crisp gardein, lettuce, chili-lime mayo, pico, queso fresco 3.09

Fish Taco – breaded crisp gardein fish, cabbage, mango chutney, mango habanero salsa 4.09

Giant Taco – french fries, choice of “meat”, refried beans, house nacho cheese, lettuce, guac, pico, crema, salsa Morita 11.99

Taco Platter
3 Tacos + Rice & Beans – asada, mushroom asada, pastor, chorizo, veggie, dorado, jamaica, bean & cheese or plantain. 10.99

Antojitos – Starters/Snacks
Chips and Salsa

Holy Guacamole – made fresh daily with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and fresh limes, served with tortilla chips 7.99 GF

Takis Elote – street corn, chili-lime mayo, takis, queso fresco, cilantro 4.99

Queso Fundido – cheese fondue with poblano peppers, onion, corn & mushroom 6.99 GF

Asada Fries – refried beans, house nacho cheese, pico, crema, pickled jalapeños, quac 7.99 

Nachos – house nacho cheese, choice of protien, guac, crema, pickled jalapeños 6.99

Cauliflower Ceviche – chopped cauliflower soaked in lime juice, topped w/ pico, cucumber & avocado, served with tortilla chips 6.99 GF

Torta – bolillo bread, refried beans ,choice of “meat”, lettuce, pico, guac, chili mayo 6.99


More Eats
All served with side salad, rice and beans
Flautas – corn tortilla, mashed potato, cheddar, chorizo, crema, salsa Morita 10.99 GF

Cali Burrito – fries, choice of “meat”, refried beans, house nacho cheese, lettuce, guac, pico, crema, Morita 10.99 

Burrito Regular – choice of “meat”, pinto beans, rice, crema, pico, guac, salsa Morita 10.99 

Quesadilla – flour tortilla, cheese blend 9.99 add Choice of meat +1.5 -2.5

Enchiladas – 3 corn tortillas, mashed potatoes, choice of protein, white cheese, crema, choice of : red, green or mole sauce 10.99 

Birria Platter– 4 birria tacos (beyond and jackfruit blend) with dipping broth $15.99 GF

Choice of meats: Asada, Pastor, Chorizo, Barbacoa, Mushroom asada, Veggie
Beyond Beef and Chicken Gardein +2.5

Soups and Salads
Sopa De Fideo
(it feeds the soul) – vegetable stock, noodles 3.99

Tortilla Soup – avocado, crema, corn ,queso fresco, crispy tortilla strips 5.5

Tacotarian Salad – romaine, corn, poblano peppers, cheddar, cilantro-lime dressing, black beans, tortilla strips, pico 7.99 add “meat” +1.5 -2.5 GF

Chicken Salad – chicken milanesa, romaine, cheddar, corn, pico, avocado, chipotle ranch dressing 9.99

Sides – All sides 2.5
Refried Beans
Black Beans

Ice Cream
– almond milk & coconut milk based 3.99 GF

Fried Oreos – Ice Cream 5.99 

Coconut Cake – cookie crust, coconut milk, cashew-vanilla milk, toasted coconut 3.99 

Arroz Con Leche – rice, coconut milk, vanilla & cinnamon 3.99   GF        

Blueberry Cheesecake – made from scratch blueberry cheese cake with vegan cream cheese 5.99